Sunday, June 12, 2011

Frida Kahlo

Portrait #2 is Frida Kahlo, the great Mexican artist. I read her biography many years ago and was struck by the massive health issues she suffered and she was compelled to put her pain into the amazing paintings she did. Many were created while she was lying on her back in her sick-bed.

Today, we take a day off for a head-ache.

I made Frida for my eldest daughter, who is the bread-winner for her family, as her husband lives with MS. Although he will have times when he can't feel his fingers and toes, he plays the most beautiful guitar music, singing all genres of music. It has always been an accompaniment to his life.

They can appreciate Frida, I believe. She sits on Tam's office desk.

A close-up. 9 layers and 11 different coloured papers.

A close-up of her shawl. The background paper, with the aged edges was a delight to find as it put the whole image back into Frida's times.

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  1. Frida is incredible... the woman and the paper portrait! I love the colours and background. Love looking up at her while I'm working. Beautiful gift thanks Mum!