Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tami & Sascha

This is my oldest daughter Tami and her husband Sascha, both relaxing after her sister's wedding, mellowed out, half asleep.

One of the things I have learned is to make sure I get the eyes right. So the layers are built around the eyes, rather than the eyes added after. I spend a lot of time planning the layers before I cut anything.

I now have to learn to take better photographs of the finished portraits!

I experimented with this work, taking the features of the faces out of solid black. Tam feels I should keep the paper real, ie not varnish it, as she feels it takes away from the reality of using paper. She may be right.

After I complete each work, it sits on my piano until it goes to the owner. I get so used to having "company" that when the face goes I feel a little lonely. Especially when the faces are so dear to me.

I have a couple of faces to do for friends, but I am also working on using the same technique to make scenes. And my sister wants Robbie Williams to come and live with her - even if only in paper!

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