Sunday, June 12, 2011


Because I was creating this portrait for an exhibition, I took care to use what I had learned with the earlier works to make this as good as I could.

In the photo Jo was wearing a bowler hat, but the photo was so dark and shaded, that it took a lot of thought to work out how to create that realistically. In the end I simply cut a whole hat and head shape, then layered a brim only over that, with a "ribbon" layer along the hat's brim, making sure to cut it in a different direction so the warp of the paper showed as the ribbon. I was really pleased with the result as it had held me up for several days working out how to cut it.

At the exhibition, it was shown with a spotlight shining straight on it and it looked fantastic! Thank you Kalari Winery and Pamela! At the opening Anne Morton, a local artist with international recognition called me an artist. You can imagine how pleased I was.

Jo is a vivacious lady, I am happy I caught that in her portrait.

There is 12 layers in Jo's face and 16 different coloured papers. I used a gloss sealer on this one. I felt because the background is so black, the gloss gave it some extra life.

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  1. I can certainly see why this piece took a prize - it's lovely!