Sunday, June 12, 2011

My grand-daughter's Portrait

This is my gorgeous little grand-daughter Amelia Grace. She and her mum, Amber - my second daughter live a long way away and we miss them. I made this for Amber's birthday.

This is my first "living" portrait. Because Meli is a child, her face is unlined and free of wrinkles, shadows and other marks of life, so her portrait was clear and clean to do.

The difficulty was in finding the right paper to show the clarity of her beautiful little face without using white. I ended up getting a gorgeous French Vanilla cardstock that had a touch of flesh colouring.
This is the original photo - you can see how close the portrait is to the original.

12 layers, 16 coloured papers.

A close-up of her face, showing the texture of the cardstock.

I loved creating the coloured layers of her dress.

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