Sunday, June 12, 2011


This portrait was done for my dear friend. It is her grand-daughter who was fatally injured in a car accident on Christmas Eve 2009, when her car rolled and her laptop hit her in the temple.

Please do not carry such loose items in your car - put the under the seat or in the boot.

The original photo had a very mauve cast, which I kept.

18 different coloured papers, 12 layers.

Each work takes the best part of 7 days. 2 - 3 planning the work, making the layers, choosing colours. Another part of a day gathering the papers and canvas. 1 - 2 cutting and another 1 - 2 applying the sealers. As I get more comfortable with the technique however and make sure to keep good records of each face, the time passes easily.

I did use a spray glue on one face, but it is too risky. The different papers absorb the glue at a different rate and have sometimes come partially adrift. I don't want that "fear", so back to the runny glues.

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